Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr Beef - Chicago, IL

666 N Orleans St (between Erie St & Huron St)Chicago, IL 60610 (312) 337-8500


Review Comments:
Since we weren't pleased with our visit to Al's we decided to give Mr Beef a try. We say this place on the Travel Channel's Food Wars. They were in competition against...Al's and won. We figured since they won 3 to 1 in there they would be decent.

From the looks of the place it didn't look like much. More like a deli than anything. We ordered the same exact things we got at Al's. Two spicy Italian beef sandwiches and two hot dogs. Only difference was that the sandwiches weren't dipped.

Now let me just say that I am not exactly sure what an Italian beef is actually suppose to taste like, but if they taste like Al's or Mr Beef then I am by no means impressed. Mr Beef was better than Al's, but no wow factor at all. The beef had a lot more flavor and the peppers had more kick. It was loaded, but my bread was a bit chewy and hard in some places. Bottom line is that neither place gave me the feeling of wanting to return to Chicago for this famously known sandwich. Next return we will have to find another alternative.< /p>

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