Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jamaican Cafe - Mobile, AL

462 Azalea Road, Mobile, AL (251) 342-2234


Review Comments:
Hubby has brought me lunches from here a few times, but I usually don't leave work for lunch. Well with hubby being off today getting away on such a beautiful Gulf Coast day was a nice getaway.

Never had Jamaican food before until hubby started bringing me plates from here. This place has peaked my curiosity that's for sure. My usual is their Jerk Chicken meal which comes with rice & peas (actually beans) topped with Jerk Chicken, a cabbage/carrot/actual peas mix, and cornbread with corn inside. Other than the meat all meals include the same thing. Ernest tried the Brown Stew Chicken. Neither of knew exactly what this was so I had to Google to see exactly what Brown Stew Chicken is. Here is the definition I found:

Also known as Fricasseed Chicken is actually the most popular way of cooking chicken in Jamaica. Chicken is marinated with a wild combination of herbs and spices then fried to a golden brown. Additional peppers vegetables and spices are then added and cooked to create the rich gravy (stew).

Let me just say that it was delicious! Believe me is will be my new favorite next time.

Anyhow, the restaurant isn’t large, but it is very nice and cozy. Extremely clean from what I saw and the owner is very friendly. There were people who came in and she treated everyone almost like family or very close friend. I was very impressed.

On the counter I found myself intrigued by what looked like “Hot Pockets” or nice sized pies. Turns out that they were here most popular dish…Beef and Chicken patties. I found this out later when I returned to work and a co-worker informed me that she tried them once at a block party and they were delicious. So this will also be another item on my must-haves that I will need to try at this restaurant.

This is a great stop for anyone who wants to try something different no matter if you are a local or out-of-towner. The only reason hubby and I are given this place a 4 is because we weren’t thrilled about the cornbread or the sweet tea. Well hubby anyway. The cornbread was a little flat and seemed undone, but personally I thought that was how it was supposed to be. Hubby did not…LOL. I didn’t have the tea, but I was informed that it basically tasted like water with sugar. Absolutely no flavor really. Other than that neither of us have any complains about this place. Great food!!

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits -Dauphin St in Mobile, AL

3020 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL (251) 473-3835


Review Comments:
Yesterday was Popeye's national Payday Deal day. You get 8 pieces of chicken for only $4.99. It was very hard to pass up on this deal, but I now wish I had. See I am not a major fan of Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits. Strangely enough if I tell that to someone down south they get offended. First let me tell you why they have never been my favorite and then I will tell you why they got the rating they have from us.

It's not that Popeye's has nasty food or anything.It is just that I have never been to Popeye's and received fresh chicken or even chicken that tasted fresh. There always seems to be a lot more breading on the chicken than meat and (to keep it decent) their food never agrees with us in the mornings. However, with the deal we figured that they would make sure we were pleased with it. Which brings me to my rating.

The chicken, biscuits, and mashed potatoes with gravy wasn't bad. It editable and it was actually hot this time. The problem came once again with the chicken not tasting fresh at all and there was barely any real meat. This includes the breast and thighs pieces. Although the chicken was hot it had a slight taste of old grease or something. Not sure, but it made it taste like it had been sitting for a longer amount of time than it should. The biscuits and gravy I think were the best parts and they barely give you any of the mashed potatoes with gravy. I don't call a pint (see photos below) enough for a family. Do you?

Our other little critics didn't enjoy it at all really. My little boys love chicken. In fact, my youngest is the pickiest one, but I can always get him to eat chicken. He really didn't eat his this time. He got up several times, walked away, and then returned only because he was hungry. Usually if my children don't like it then it's not that good.

Personally, I won't be returning to this or any Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits. However, this is a personal choice. Mine is that they could be much better.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Golden Corral Restaurant - Tillmans Corner in Mobile, AL

5327 Halls Mill Rd • Mobile, AL 36619 • (251) 665-4776


Review Comments:
Last night my family and I went to our...Well, favorite spot for buffet dining. We haven't been to Golden Corral in a few months, so we decided to give it a try this evening. Last time we came to our favorite place we walked away not pleased at all. Over the year the quality of dishes that they have provided has been very disappointing. At least to me and my husband they have been, especially when you talk about their steaks. However, my boys love this place so much that they can spot it miles away...LOL. Anyhow, this time the food quality was much better.

The food was hot and they made sure that they kept everything filled on the buffet. Steaks on the other hand still didn't meet our standards. The flavor was good as long as it was cooked properly. What always gets us when ordering steaks here is that everyone wants their steak well done, but we like ours medium-rare. I don't have one clue as to why the grill-men refuse or dislike to give us a medium-rare steak. They will show us medium and well steaks and look at us crazy when we tell them that is not it. For the past couple of times coming to Golden Corral I had to actually tell them that I want to see blood and juices coming from my steak and last night was no exception. I think the guy actually got upset with me.

Now will say that this particular restaurant is usually very busy Friday evenings until Sunday evening. And they do have very nice waitresses. Never met one we didn't like. Their crew usually works extremely hard and if you don't get an immediate refill on drinks its not because they are lazy at all. If the waitress get the chance to sit down at all during their shift I would be very surprised. I must admit they have an excellent staff. Always a pleasure to come back and see the same hard working people every time.

This restaurant does have one major downside and I am not going to sugar coat it at all. The food is good, staff is great, but if you are like me when it comes to bathrooms then I do not recommend you come here. I normally do not eat at restaurants with filthy restrooms and I try to avoid going here as much as possible. I haven't walked in their bathroom here in almost a year. If my boys need to go I have my husband take them  at any cost. There are only two Golden Corral Restaurants in Mobile, AL and to be honest the other one does not make us happy at all in the food department and the staff tend to be rude and uncaring at times. So why do we still come? Well, I do pay attention to other things like their health scores and you can view the kitchen in certain spots, so they don't worry me to much when it comes to the actual food. Their ratings are usually in the 90s.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Review : Lambert's Cafe III - Foley, AL

2981 S. McKenzie • Foley, AL 36535 • (251) 943-7655


Review Comments:
You will find that many of the reviews on Yelp call Lambert's a "Tourist Trap" and maybe to some it is. However, this place hasn't been around as long as it has for nothing. People aren't so willing to wait to be seated for 45 minutes to an hour just because they have time to kill. Let me explain to you why me and my family love this place.

Lambert's is popular because of their hot and fresh buttered rolls that throw to you. That's right! They throw the rolls to you. You just have to raise your hand and they will throw you a roll with almost perfect precision.

They are also known for what they call "pass arounds". Basically during your meal they walk around with buckets of side dishes like ocra, black eyed peas and macaroni with tomato sauce. All of them are good and there are no limits on how much you can have. They also pass around excellent apple butter for your rolls.

The food is simply excellent in my opinion. The only dish I have found myself not to like is the chicken livers. The one time I ordered them some were very dry and others very tough. My favorite is there catfish. That dish never fails me.

Another thing I like about Lambert's is that it is very family oriented and they love to have fun. They will sing and announce those who have birthdays. Oh! And you have to be careful if they ask you if you want condiments like mustard or ketchup.

They will have a surprise for you if you say "Yes".

Many will say that you get too much food here. I really don't think that is a bad thing. Lambert's isn't a place you want to go if you're watching your weight. Avoid coming here if you want fine dining. This isn't that type of place. I mentioned this in my Yelp review and recieved several racist messages from someone simply because they don't like this place. The choice in the end is yours. I recommend this place because they haven't let us down.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Subway - Chickasaw, AL

315 West Lee Street • Chickasaw, AL, 36611 • (251) 300-8425


Review Comments:
Tonight is my very first official review post to my blog. All previous posts were added from my Yelp Reviews. Let me just say one thing. You will find that as I start reviewing places we eat at one thing I am very big on is how my family and I are treated. I have no problem with giving a restaurant a 4-Rating instead of a 5-Rating simply because they have a waitress or a cashier who is rude one way or another. In fact, this is exactly what I have done for this particular Subway.

This particular Subway is setup in a Shell gas station which is actually very convenient. As soon as I walked in, however, I felt I needed to keep my guard up. Not only did the young lady who completed my order give me a look like I was a bother to her current moment, but when she greeted me her politeness seemed very forced. She said "ma'am" and other polite terms throughout my order, but everything seemed rushed in an angry tone. I felt offended quickly and was happy that she was making my salad and sandwich as fast as she was. Every now and then I could hear a slight sucking of her teeth when I didn't answer her questions fast enough. That alone pretty much made me become angry, but I did not comment about it.

As far as the food goes it was very good. Every vegetable in my Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki salad was crisp and fresh tasting. Left me full and satisfied. My husband had the Footlong special of the month...Meatball Pepperoni and he had no complaints. So, when you think about it. It was the meal being better than the course even though the customer service was horrible. We will be going back simply it's Subway

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Mobile, AL

4663 Airport Boulevard • Mobile, AL 36608 • (251) 300-8425‎


Review Comments:
For months we have drove by Five Guys Burgers & Fries and said that we really have to go there one day. Always found ourselves impressed by the parking lot filled with cars. Well, on March 3rd we finally decided to take a chance and give them a try.

Walking into the place was not what I expected. They had a pile of boxes separating the dining area from the order line labeled "Peanuts". My very first thought was how glad I was my 5 year old, Ernest, was not with us. He is allergic to peanuts (only whole peanuts and peanut butter) and he trips out every time he smells peanuts or are near them. It took me a minute to realize that they are for you to eat while you wait. Something they have been doing for years back home in Colorado in many of the bars and restaurants.

The menu is very simple which I must admit I liked and liked the selection of condiments even more. The price on the other hand didn't make me happy at all. A tad expensive for burgers and fries for my taste. I believe my husband and I both got bacon cheeseburgers and we orders cheese dogs for our boys. Being that when we got there there really wasn't a lot people, I thought that it took just a little longer than necessary to finally get order. Once we got our order and went home I must be honest and say that the burger was excellent. I am a big fan of Hardee's and these burgers were just a bit better than theirs. We had a few of the fries in the car, but those didn't really didn't thrill us. I think it was because there wasn't any seasoning on them at all. I liked the fact that they use fresh potatoes, but without seasoning it just doesn't make them taste as good as they should.

Overall I give them a 4-Rating and would eat there again. I might not order the fries unless they have some type of seasoning, but the burgers a well worth going back sometime. And I didn't mention that the staff was pretty nice too. Customer service is always a plus in my book.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que - Mobile, AL

3314 Old Shell Rd • Mobile, AL 36607 • (251) 479-9898


Originally Posted on Yelp: 2/6/2011 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
My family and I decided to have a Valentine's Day's meal at Dreamland and I must say that I was not impressed whatsoever. This was actually my 3rd time eating at Dreamland and every time it seems the food is getting worse. The waiter and waitresses seemed nice enough, but they also did take the time out to offer to fill our glass or even check to see if everything was ok from time to time. And they weren't busy at all. The cars in the parking lot could fool you. When we walked in there were only maybe 4 other table occupied.

We ordered a slab of rib, macaroni & cheese individual portions for my two boys, cole slaw for me and baked beans for my husband. The ribs were pretty much cold and very tough with very little sauce on them. Our sides were simply awful. My boys love macaroni & cheese and they barely ate their small portions.

We have officially decided to not give Dreamland another chance. Not worth even trying to go and eat here.

Bimini Bob's - Daphne, AL

29249 US Hwy 98 • Daphne, AL 36526 • (251) 621-1086


Originally Posted on Yelp: 2/6/2011 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
Last night (2.5.2011) my husband and I decide to have a rare date night with our boys spending the weekend with a good friend. Let me be honest and say that Bimini Bob's wasn't our first choice for dinner, however, my husband stated that he heard good things about them. So we gave this restaurant a try. Wish we didn't.

For a Saturday night the place wasn't packed at all which we found very unusual for this type of place along the Gulf Coast. The restaurant has a very relaxing feel and the staff were extremely nice. Not one complaint there at all.

For the menu, it was really hard to choose anything. This is includes alcoholic beverages. Everything on the menu pretty much had mangoes and coconuts. Hubby isn't to big about coconuts and he's allergic to shellfish so they didn't provide him with much of a selection. I had their Seafood Gumbo as an appetizer which actually was pretty good.

For the meal hubby choose their Bootie Bay Jerk Chicken Platter and I had their Crab Claw Platter which was the night's special. For the amount of money we paid for my platter I expected just a little more food. Crab Claws were more like appetizers than a meal and just a tad over cooked with very little flavor. The fries I had were a tad limp and a bit cold. However, the Island Slaw was different but it was good. Hubby wasn't pleased with his meal at all except for the sweet potatoes fries. Those were very good. He stated the jerk chicken had absolutely no spice to it like it should and pretty much tasted like regular grilled chicken.

Although we had wonderful service the food just didn't match the amount of money we paid. We just weren't impressed with this place at all when it comes to the food.

Monday, March 14, 2011

P. F. Chang's China Bistro - Allen, TX

915 W Bethany Dr • Allen, TX 75013 • (972) 390-1040


Originally Posted on Yelp: 11/27/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
After having hearing such great things about P.F. Chang's by friends and a few strangers, my famiy and I decided to spend our last evening in Dallas, TX here.

Just walking up to this place was amazing. Everything was clean from the parking lot to the door. And I love the horse statue. It is beautiful!! The internal decor was no different either. Dim lighting but very pleasant atmosphere. We were impressed before we were seated.

The hostesses were very hospitable. We were expecting a 20-30 minute wait, but they had our table in 10-15 minutes. The moment we sat down the entire staff made she we were comfortable and we had everything we needed. Our waiter's name was Alex and from the moment he introduced himself he provided superior service. He gave suggestions and answered any question we have.

Now keep in mind that I have very picky children ages 3 and 5 yrs old. They have never been into Chinese food at all, but this place achieved getting my boys out the box...LOL. My 5 yr old had the Kid's Chicken Lo Mein and he loved it using the child chopsticks. My 3 yr old had Kid's Chicken Fried Rice and he also enjoyed his meal.

My husband and I had the P.F. Chang's for Two and is was an excellent meal. We tried both their Hot & Sour Soup and Egg Drop soup. Both delicious. Seasonings and tastes for both were just right. We also enjoyed the Chicken Lettuce Wrap and I know now why that it is the favorite of many of my friends. We loved it!!! Our entrees were Beef & Broccoli for my husband and I had Cantonese Shrimp. For dessert hubby had the Red Velvet Mini Desert and I had the Chocolate Mousse Mini Dessert. All of them were delcious.

To make our meal even better the manager even came by to make sure we had everything we needed. It was a great meal that my entire family enjoyed and were impressed with. And I must honestly say that Alex was the best waiter we have had at any restaurant. He deserves to be given an excellent mention. We will definately be back!

Spring Creek Barbeque - Addison, TX

14941 Midway Rd • Addison, TX 75001 • (972) 385-0970


Originally Posted on Yelp: 11/24/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
Went to Spring Creek our first night arriving here in Dallas, TX. Originally our plan was to go to Twisted Root Burger Co., but being that it was Thanksgiving Eve they were closed early. So we decided to find a BBQ restaurant to eat at. We came across Spring Creek BBQ since it was right up the street from our hotel.

One thing I can honestly say about this place is that the staff had excellent hospitality. They we all very nice, attentive, and helpful. My 5yo enjoyed talked to all of them which is a plus in my book.

The food we good, however, my husband and I both found the the macaroni & cheese just a bit tasteless. I personally didn't mind the ribs. They very flavorful and tender, but my husband says that his were a bit dry. They have great rolls and I enjoyed their cole slaw. Other than those two factors I really like this place. Next time my plan is to try their dessert bar. Their menu seemed very interesting. :-)

International House of Pancakes - Shreveport, LA

6109 Financial Plz • Shreveport, LA 71129 • (318) 671-0307


Originally Posted on Yelp: 11/24/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
As my husband, my two boys, and myself were heading to Dallas, TX to spend Thanksgiving with family we decided to stop here to have breakfast. Now we are fans of IHOP, but this particular one pretty much left a very bad taste in my mouth.

At first everything seemed fine. The hostess was very nice, however, it was downhill from there. The waitress seemed nice, but didn't take the time even listen when I told her that I wanted coffee and our boys wanted juice. My husband had to repeat it for me. They only provided us with three silverware bundles instead of four. When I received my coffee I got plenty of cream but there was absolutely no sugar on the table. Whenever we wanted to ask the waitress for something she was no where to be found at all. In fact, she barely came to our table throughout our meal.

To make us even more upset, my husband asked if he could charge his phone near the front before we got back on the road. The hostess told him it was ok, onlys he couldn't watch it for him nor be responsible. Which was fine for my husband, but he soon saw our waitress remove his cellphone and take it to the back. When she finally did return to our table he asked her if he could get it back and explained to her what the hostess had said. She said that they do not allow anyone to plug in anything at the store. He was more upset that the hostess told him he could, until that is the waitress never returned with my husband's cellphone and charger. I had to go to where all the waiters and waitresses were to ask for it back. Even then everyone, including the manager, had an "I don't care attitude" and there was absolutely no sense of urgency at all. I stood there for like 10-15 minutes waiting on the waitress to finally get it for me after someone had to look for her.

If it wasn't for the treatment, I would give them a decent rating. However, they don't get a rating at all from me because simply their customer service sucks. If I leave a place highly upset, then no rating is given.

The Boiling Pot - Mobile, AL

3704 Airport Blvd • Mobile, AL 36608 • (251) 345-0749


Originally Posted on Yelp: 11/16/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
I love going here for lunch. If you are ever in Mobile, AL and want great shrimp for a price this is where you need to go. You pay $10 - $12 for a pound of shrimp on top perfectly cooked potatoes and corn. I never eat it all, but it excellent food.

Wind Creek Casino and Hotel - Atmore, AL

303 Poarch Rd • Atmore, AL 36502 • (866) 946-3360


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Shrimp Basket - Foley & Bay Minette, AL

1500 S McKenzie St • Foley, AL 36535 • (251) 943-6643
1111 N US Highway 31 • Bay Minette, AL 36507 • (251) 937-3655

Rating for both locations: 

Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/24/2010
Click here for the Foley, AL review page and here for the Bay Minette, AL review page

Foley, AL Review Comments:
Not only is the staff wonderful, but the food is excellent. The shrimp and fish are cooked to perfection every time. This is the kind of place that makes you crave seafood. (P.S. It doesn't matter which one you go to. They all live up to great standards)

Bay Minette, AL Review Comments:
Not only is the staff wonderful, but the food is excellent. The shrimp and fish are cooked to perfection every time. This is the kind of place that makes you crave seafood.

Texas Land & Cattle Steak House - Dallas, TX

10250 Technology Blvd E • Dallas, TX 75220 • (214) 353-8000


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Pappas Bar-B-Q - Dallas, TX

2231 W Northwest Hwy • Dallas, TX 75220 • (214) 956-0824


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La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant - Salina, KS

1200 E Crawford St • Salina, KS 67401 • (785) 309-0776


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Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q - Kansas City, MO

1325 E Emanuel Cleaver Blvd • Kansas City, MO 64110 • (816) 531-7522


Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/23/2010 • Click here for review page

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Sweetie Pie's at the Mangrove - Saint Louis, MO

4270 Manchester Rd • Saint Louis, MO 63110 • (314) 371-0304


Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/23/2010 • Click here for review page

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Iron Barley Eating Establishment - Saint Louis, MO

5510 Virginia Ave • Saint Louis, MO • 63111 (314) 351-4500


Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/23/2010 • Click here for review page

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Barnhill's Buffett - Moss Point, MS

6706 Highway 63 • Moss Point, MS 39563 • (228) 474-2986


Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/23/2010  Click here for review page

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