Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ - Memphis, TN

150 Stateline Rd W Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 393-5699


Review Comments:
From what I am told this is the restaurant of the Neely's father. The couple you see on Food Network. This also has been said to be one of the best places for BBQ in Memphis and one of the places on our list we were extremely excited about. I mean being from a now famous family that is rumored to have great food how could we not be excited?

When we first pulled up the first thing that came to mind was how the place looked like a former Pizza Hut restaurant. It was also unusual that a place so popular to be so "empty". I must honestly say that every place we have gone to and saw on TV were always packed with people. Even where the food didn't meet our standards. This place just seemed a bit too quiet to me.

Anyhow, the service wasn't bad. Our waitress was nice and helpful. The food on the other hand was a MAJOR disappointment. Maybe we caught them on a bad day or something, but I left out of this restaurant with my feelings hurt because it was so bad.
We ordered the famous BBQ Spaghetti for both of our boys. Actually we got one plate and split it between them. Now my boys LOVE spaghetti. Anything pasta related is their favorite and it is one of the few meals that we can get my picky 3 year old to eat. If they don't eat something then I know it has got to be bad. Both of them refused to eat it after one bite and my 3 year old preferred to eat plain bread over what they were given.

My meal choice was their sampler platter which included pork ribs, beef ribs, pork shoulder, links, brisket, BBQ spaghetti, baked beans, and cole slaw. Ernest had the rib tips with potato salad, and baked beans. When my meal came to the table it looked and smelled great. The moment I began eating I almost wanted to cry at my disappointment. The links had good flavor, but were very chewy. The ribs also had good flavor, but were very tough and dry. As for the pork shoulder and brisket? Little sauce, extremely dry, and absolutely no flavor whatsoever. Tried my own portion of the BBQ spaghetti and couldn't even swallow it it was so bad. The BBQ sauce just wasn't good at all and to have it with overcooked, mushy noodles made it simply awful. The only thing I liked from the entire meal was their cole slaw. Everything else I refused to finish and Ernest felt the same way about his selection as well.

Out of all the places we have eaten, being disappointed by place that has a "famous" name on it was just heartbreaking. That is like going to a Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray restaurant and having the worst food you ever ate. If you want to give this place a try, go for it. I just can't say that it is worth going to. I wouldn't waste my time or money on this restaurant. Heartbreaking for me to say that, but I must be honest especially when it comes to food and spending your money on it.

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