Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chinatown Restaurant - Mobile, AL

5285 Highway 90, Mobile, AL 36619-4201 (251) 660-8168 ‎


Review Comments:
When it comes to worst chinese restaurants to eat at in Mobile, AL Chinatown it. Makes me a like sad that I am making my review as that. We use to eat here a lot for a couple of years. I always loved their Mongolian Grill. The chef, who ever it was, always made sure my noodles and vegetables were cooked just right. This time all I could do was leave highly disappointed.

We had taken our boys to see King Fu Panda 2 in 3D, so we thought it would be cool to keep a theme going. I wish we would have went to our favorite buffet instead.

The staff was our first turnoff. No one smiled and barely spoke to us. Throughout our meal we hardly saw our waitress which means no dishes were removed except once. Then we come to the food which was cold and overcooked. It didn't matter which selection you had. Anything with noodles was mushy. This includes the Mongolian Grill. My noodles were so overcooked that I couldn't taste the vegetables or meat. It was simply awful and we have vowed to not return.

If you want to have Chinese food in Mobile, AL this is not a place I recommend. There are plenty of great Chinese restaurants here with or without buffets.

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