Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kens Hickory BBQ Pit - Birmingham, AL

4817 Pinson Valley Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35215-1657 (205) 853-6488 ‎


Review Comments:
I must admit that out of the restaurants we have been to it is rare to come across a place as down home as this one. We came to Ken's by chance while in Birmingham, AL for the AME 2011 Pentecost Explosion. As always in our family road trips we like to visit new places so when I looked up BBQ on my TripAdvisor app this was the first one mentioned with rave reviews.

Now from the outside this place doesn't look like much. Off the highway you would think it was a dive bar. We had our boys, nephew, and niece with us. Once we pulled up they were all like, "this place looks bad". However, the moment we walked in everyone changed their minds...including us. I had never met a group of people so hospitable. The atmosphere inside was not fancy, but you could tell they loved their college football. You mostly saw autographs from members of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Being a Tide fan I thought it was great.

Anyhow, the reviews I read on TripAdvisor was mostly spoke about how great their breakfast was. It was past breakfast so we didn't get to enjoy what others did. For the most part their ribs and chicken weren't bad at all. The downfall was the BBQ sauce and the cole slaw. It wasn't great or even something we could say was delicious. The BBQ sauce tasted to me like normal sauce from a can or jar and the cole slaw had just a bit too much sugar for my particular taste.

Basically, the atmosphere and friendliness is good reason for you to come here. The food isn't awful and your opinion might be different from mine so I would not count this place out. I recommend that you give it a try.

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