Saturday, July 23, 2011

Al's Italian Beef - Chicago, IL

1079 W Taylor St (between Aberdeen St & Carpenter St)Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 226-4017



Review Comments:
We learned about Al's Italian Beef from an episode from Man vs Food. In fact, a repeat of the episode aired about 2-3 days before we left for our family vacation. We were so excited about getting into town and going to this place to try their specialty. Let me just say that we should have 1) Watched the Food Wars episode between Al's and Mr Beef too. 2) We should have went somewhere else completely.

We ordered the Italian Beefs with peppers and dipped. Just the way we saw it on TV. My sons had their hot dog in an Italian bun (the kind with poppy seeds). The hot dogs were rubbery and didn't have much flavor. The same for the Italian Beef. There wasn't much spice from the peppers and it was pretty much bland. Even with it dipped in juices from the beef. The fries were also less that desirable. They were extremely limp, cold, and taste whatsoever.

Throughout the whole meal I couldn't help but wonder how Adam thought this place was good. I know he can't say on air that a place is VERY overrated, but this place wasn't worth even airtime. We left very disappointed. This includes my sister who lives in Chicago and said she can get better at a convenience store. This place was completely a waste of our time.

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