Monday, March 14, 2011

Wind Creek Casino and Hotel - Atmore, AL

303 Poarch Rd • Atmore, AL 36502 • (866) 946-3360


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Originally Posted on Yelp: 10/28/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
We are at there buffet last night. It isn't the worse place for a buffet, but it's not absolutely the best either. Their buffet has a large selection of International dishes which I will say is impressive. They had some items that had been out just a bit too long, others items just weren't seasoned right, and the sodas were a bit flat.

If you do decide to try it yourself I would suggest the catfish, macaroni & cheese, salad, greens, chicken fingers, and pizza. But stay away from the chicken and ribs at all cost.

Additional Note:
Not long after I posted this on Yelp I received an email from the Manager at Wind Creek regarding my review. I must be honest that I was in shock and very impressed. I didn't think that many of the owners and managers took this reviews so seriously, but I was glad to see that they do. bellow is the conversation between us.

From: Yelp
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 6:42 PM
To: Info
Subject: You have a new message

Hi Wind,

Kassia P. has sent you a message on Yelp:

RE: Wind Creek Review

"I will be honest and say that your even contacting me in regards to my review is impressive enough and I thank you. That shows me that you do value your customers opinions.

I do like your buffet, but the last time we went the food was either over cooked, cold, or tasteless. The staff was nice and I do enjoy your large selection of food.

Again, thank you so much for showing concern and with that thought we will think about returning again. :)"

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