Saturday, March 19, 2011

Golden Corral Restaurant - Tillmans Corner in Mobile, AL

5327 Halls Mill Rd • Mobile, AL 36619 • (251) 665-4776


Review Comments:
Last night my family and I went to our...Well, favorite spot for buffet dining. We haven't been to Golden Corral in a few months, so we decided to give it a try this evening. Last time we came to our favorite place we walked away not pleased at all. Over the year the quality of dishes that they have provided has been very disappointing. At least to me and my husband they have been, especially when you talk about their steaks. However, my boys love this place so much that they can spot it miles away...LOL. Anyhow, this time the food quality was much better.

The food was hot and they made sure that they kept everything filled on the buffet. Steaks on the other hand still didn't meet our standards. The flavor was good as long as it was cooked properly. What always gets us when ordering steaks here is that everyone wants their steak well done, but we like ours medium-rare. I don't have one clue as to why the grill-men refuse or dislike to give us a medium-rare steak. They will show us medium and well steaks and look at us crazy when we tell them that is not it. For the past couple of times coming to Golden Corral I had to actually tell them that I want to see blood and juices coming from my steak and last night was no exception. I think the guy actually got upset with me.

Now will say that this particular restaurant is usually very busy Friday evenings until Sunday evening. And they do have very nice waitresses. Never met one we didn't like. Their crew usually works extremely hard and if you don't get an immediate refill on drinks its not because they are lazy at all. If the waitress get the chance to sit down at all during their shift I would be very surprised. I must admit they have an excellent staff. Always a pleasure to come back and see the same hard working people every time.

This restaurant does have one major downside and I am not going to sugar coat it at all. The food is good, staff is great, but if you are like me when it comes to bathrooms then I do not recommend you come here. I normally do not eat at restaurants with filthy restrooms and I try to avoid going here as much as possible. I haven't walked in their bathroom here in almost a year. If my boys need to go I have my husband take them  at any cost. There are only two Golden Corral Restaurants in Mobile, AL and to be honest the other one does not make us happy at all in the food department and the staff tend to be rude and uncaring at times. So why do we still come? Well, I do pay attention to other things like their health scores and you can view the kitchen in certain spots, so they don't worry me to much when it comes to the actual food. Their ratings are usually in the 90s.

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