Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jamaican Cafe - Mobile, AL

462 Azalea Road, Mobile, AL (251) 342-2234


Review Comments:
Hubby has brought me lunches from here a few times, but I usually don't leave work for lunch. Well with hubby being off today getting away on such a beautiful Gulf Coast day was a nice getaway.

Never had Jamaican food before until hubby started bringing me plates from here. This place has peaked my curiosity that's for sure. My usual is their Jerk Chicken meal which comes with rice & peas (actually beans) topped with Jerk Chicken, a cabbage/carrot/actual peas mix, and cornbread with corn inside. Other than the meat all meals include the same thing. Ernest tried the Brown Stew Chicken. Neither of knew exactly what this was so I had to Google to see exactly what Brown Stew Chicken is. Here is the definition I found:

Also known as Fricasseed Chicken is actually the most popular way of cooking chicken in Jamaica. Chicken is marinated with a wild combination of herbs and spices then fried to a golden brown. Additional peppers vegetables and spices are then added and cooked to create the rich gravy (stew).

Let me just say that it was delicious! Believe me is will be my new favorite next time.

Anyhow, the restaurant isn’t large, but it is very nice and cozy. Extremely clean from what I saw and the owner is very friendly. There were people who came in and she treated everyone almost like family or very close friend. I was very impressed.

On the counter I found myself intrigued by what looked like “Hot Pockets” or nice sized pies. Turns out that they were here most popular dish…Beef and Chicken patties. I found this out later when I returned to work and a co-worker informed me that she tried them once at a block party and they were delicious. So this will also be another item on my must-haves that I will need to try at this restaurant.

This is a great stop for anyone who wants to try something different no matter if you are a local or out-of-towner. The only reason hubby and I are given this place a 4 is because we weren’t thrilled about the cornbread or the sweet tea. Well hubby anyway. The cornbread was a little flat and seemed undone, but personally I thought that was how it was supposed to be. Hubby did not…LOL. I didn’t have the tea, but I was informed that it basically tasted like water with sugar. Absolutely no flavor really. Other than that neither of us have any complains about this place. Great food!!

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