Monday, March 14, 2011

International House of Pancakes - Shreveport, LA

6109 Financial Plz • Shreveport, LA 71129 • (318) 671-0307


Originally Posted on Yelp: 11/24/2010 • Click here for the review page

Review Comments:
As my husband, my two boys, and myself were heading to Dallas, TX to spend Thanksgiving with family we decided to stop here to have breakfast. Now we are fans of IHOP, but this particular one pretty much left a very bad taste in my mouth.

At first everything seemed fine. The hostess was very nice, however, it was downhill from there. The waitress seemed nice, but didn't take the time even listen when I told her that I wanted coffee and our boys wanted juice. My husband had to repeat it for me. They only provided us with three silverware bundles instead of four. When I received my coffee I got plenty of cream but there was absolutely no sugar on the table. Whenever we wanted to ask the waitress for something she was no where to be found at all. In fact, she barely came to our table throughout our meal.

To make us even more upset, my husband asked if he could charge his phone near the front before we got back on the road. The hostess told him it was ok, onlys he couldn't watch it for him nor be responsible. Which was fine for my husband, but he soon saw our waitress remove his cellphone and take it to the back. When she finally did return to our table he asked her if he could get it back and explained to her what the hostess had said. She said that they do not allow anyone to plug in anything at the store. He was more upset that the hostess told him he could, until that is the waitress never returned with my husband's cellphone and charger. I had to go to where all the waiters and waitresses were to ask for it back. Even then everyone, including the manager, had an "I don't care attitude" and there was absolutely no sense of urgency at all. I stood there for like 10-15 minutes waiting on the waitress to finally get it for me after someone had to look for her.

If it wasn't for the treatment, I would give them a decent rating. However, they don't get a rating at all from me because simply their customer service sucks. If I leave a place highly upset, then no rating is given.

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